The faces behind the scenes

Welcome to Cactus Rose Labradors! I am Olivia Laxson, and my husband, Kaden, and I are the faces behind Cactus Rose Labradors. We are a young couple that has been together since high school, so we were able to get an early start at building a life we love together. We currently live on a beautiful patch of land in central Texas, located right off of i35. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Laynee, that is two years old, a son, Rylan, that is one year old, and we will be welcoming another little boy in to our family late November 2022. We enjoy spending our time doing anything that involves our dogs and the great outdoors. Anyone who knows us knows that you will often find us wearing crocs, covered in dog hair, and soaking up time together as a family.
While our days often start very early in the morning and end late in the evening, we wouldn't have it any other way. We spend most of our time training our dogs (yes, they are trained daily!), maintaining our home and property/dog facility, and raising our babies. We strive to make every day better than the day before, and we are so blessed to have the life that we do.



What we value most

At Cactus Rose Labradors, we are very dedicated to bettering the Labrador Retriever breed. We strive to produce the best puppies possible, and in order to do so, you need strict breeding ethics and quality dogs from quality lineage. Below are some of our main focuses as breeders.


The health of the puppies we produce is our top priority. We are strong believers in preforming health testing on our breeding dogs, because we believe in order to produce healthier puppies, you must first start off with healthy parents. We carefully select our dogs from lineage that has generations of health testing results, which gives our puppies the best chance possible at a healthy life. We are proud to do above and beyond the testing that most other Labrador breeders do, and as new testing is made available, we are always eager to jump at the opportunity. It is very important to us that our puppies live long, healthy lives with their forever families!



Becoming who we are today

Cactus Rose Labradors was first started in 2019, soon after my husband and I got married. We had previously been breeding the year before, but had decided to make some big changes to our program. Cactus Rose was our fresh start at this! 
In our year breeding prior to becoming Cactus Rose, we learned many things. We saw first hand the issues that dilute (silver, charcoal, and champagne) Labrador Retrievers have and decided we did not want to be apart of producing dogs with these issues. We also learned first hand the importance of health testing our breeding dogs, and learned about issues such as dysplasia that are running rampant in some of the lines in this breed. With our new knowledge, we decided it was our goal to become responsible, ethical breeders. 
When we started out, we did not have responsible mentors that were educating us and helping us along the way. It is because of this that we will always go out of our way to help new breeders learn more about how to breed the right way. We now feel a great responsibility to do our part at bettering the breed we all know and love, one litter at a time.