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Stud fees are $1000-2000 depending on the stud. Stud fees are subject to change without notice.

Stud service is provided to approved bitches only and will be at the discretion of the stud owner. All bitches must be two years of age and have a minimum of hips, elbows, and eyes completed. Also if the stud is a carrier of anything, the bitch must be clear. Proof of testing and a copy of the bitches pedigree must be provided prior to breeding.

A $500 non-refundable, non transferrable service/handling fee is available as a convenience. Fees are due upfront and prior to the first breeding/shipment of semen. Absolutely no exceptions. If shipping semen, an additional $300 is due to cover the cost of collection, evaluation, and pack/prep for shipment and is in addition to the stud fee. This will be performed by the vet, and a receipt will be provided to the bitch owner of these services. Any remaining amount from the $300 will be returned to the bitch owner by the stud owner immediately. The stud dog will not be collected unless both fees are paid to the stud owner beforehand. All shipping and/or collection charges are the sole responsibility of the bitch owner. You will need to provide us with a FedEx number or a credit card number for these charges.

The stud owner is not responsible for loss of semen during transport or late arrival of shipment. Progesterone testing is required to determine the optimal date of shipping and insemination.

The remaining stud fee balance is due within 10 days of three or more live puppies being whelped. If less than three puppies result, no further money is owed. If no puppies result from this breeding, no refund will be given of the service fee and the transaction will be final. This is to compensate the stud owner for their time.

If shipping, you will receive an invoice to your email that can be paid via debit or credit card, but card fees will apply. If you would like to avoid card fees, you can mail a check, but the check must clear prior to the shipment being sent. No exceptions. Cash in person for the service fee is also acceptable if the bitch is coming to the stud owner's residence for breeding. We will also take Zelle for the service fee, but for the final balance, one of the above methods is needed.

If a natural breeding is desired, the bitch must have a negative brucellosis test that is not more than 30 days old. Cactus Rose Labradors does not house females during breeding, so arrangements will need to be made with that in mind. No aggressive females will be serviced.

Litter applications can be mailed to the stud owner or completed online. Each stud's registration number is included on our website for your convenience. Litter applications will not be completed until the balance of the stud fee has been paid in full.

All puppies resulting from this breeding are to be placed on limited registration, unless being kept by the bitch owner or placed in the homes of responsible and reputable breeders. We ask that it is made sure that any puppies placed on full registration be evaluated by a professional to make sure they are quality, but we understand that we can only make recommendations regarding this. We do require that no puppies shall be sold to any puppy mills, brokers, pet shops, or anyone representing them. No puppies shall be placed with any dilute breeders, doodle breeders, or anyone doing business with them.

For all stud service inquiries, please email

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