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Below we have listed any current availability for puppies, older puppies, and adult dogs. I try to keep this page updated, but always feel free to reach out as well and double check availability, even if I don't have anything listed.

***We currently have puppies ready to go in December and older puppies ready to go now***

Available: Welcome


Updated 11/14/2023

Our puppies are $3,100 total. We ask $100 to be added to our waitlist which goes towards the total price.


Ready to go mid December

Availability on yellow (light cream) females and males


Due in December, go home tentatively mid/late February

All black puppies expected


Expected to be born in Winter/Early spring, but haven't been bred yet

Black, chocolate, and yellow (dark to fox red in shade) all expected

Available: Services


*Updated 12/01/2023*

We have 3 males and 3 females available

All Photos are current, and please keep in mind these are growing puppies

All of the dogs listed below are from the same situation. Here's their back story:
We did not breed them, but they are from our lines on the sires side. They all come from health tested parents and are from pedigrees with titles and health testing generations back.
A breeder friend of mine is going through a situation that no parent should ever have to go through, so we stepped up to the plate to help with these guys since they were overwhelmed.
We brought this crew home to Texas from Idaho and have put a significant amount of time in to each of them. We put weight on them, dewormed them all, and gave them all preventatives. They all have now learned to be in a crate to sleep and when we aren't home. They are also able to now be inside enjoyably and potty outside instead of wherever they're standing. 
They all have learned to walk on a leash and have finished up basic obedience. Overall we have put the time in to this group to equip them with the skills needed to go be fantastic pets. It has been a labor of love for us, and we are so excited to see these guys start going to their new homes.
If you think an older pup that has had work put into it is a good option for your family, please check them out below.

Available: Outdoor Activities


Born March 2023, Female

Winter is a very happy girl that is yellow (light cream) in color. She was sired by Goose and her dam is a female owned by another breeder.

 I would consider her to be more energetic than her sister, but really once you get past her initial excitement she is easy going and level headed. She is a confident girl that is very comfortable in pretty much any situation. She loves to retrieve and is trilled anytime she has the chance to get in water. She's just always thrilled when first getting out of her crate in the morning and anytime she sees you after you've been gone. Winnie has been very easy to train and loves to please. She adores our other dogs and loves to play with our children. She craves human interaction and is used to being loved on and paid attention to.

Winter's price $3,000 for limited registration.

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