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Below we have listed any current availability for puppies, older puppies, and adult dogs. I try to keep this page updated, but always feel free to reach out as well and double check availability, even if I don't have anything listed.

***We have an older male ready to go home now***

Available: Welcome


Updated 02/25/2024

Our puppies are $3,100 total. We ask $100 to be added to our waitlist which goes towards the total price.


Born in February and March, go home in April and May

Availability on black females


Due in April, go home tentatively in June

Black and light yellow/cream expected


Expected to be born this spring, but haven't been bred yet

Black, chocolate, and yellow (light cream to dark/fox red in shade) all expected

Available: Services


*Updated 03/11/2024*

We have 1 male available



Born June 2023, Male

Junior is a young boy that is a total sweetheart. He is still young and does have energy, but he calms down nicely in the home. He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body and adores playing with our other dogs. He is potty and crate trained and we have had no issues from him. He is a very level headed boy and ready for anything life throws at him.

Junior is from some very nice lines and is an import from Mexico. He is young, so remember that he isn't done filling out yet (especially his head!) Junior is now at our home with us, as we are helping a breeder friend of ours place him in a home. The only reason he is being parted with is that our breeder friend has decided to cut down on his young males and Junior did not make that cut. 

Junior's price is $4,500 for limited or full registration (you will handle his foreign registration being switched over should you desire)

Available: Outdoor Activities
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