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CH ptd SciFi Sterling Wingardium Leviosa

Flick came to our family at a time when we needed her the most. Our hearts were aching from the loss of Wonka, and while he could never be replaced, having another beautiful chocolate to love on sure did help. We did find it coincidental that her birthday is the same date Wonka passed (except she was born in 2022 and he passed in 2023), and we were delighted to see that she shares some of the same lineage that our Wonka had too. Besides her ties to Wonka, we are just so in love with this sweet girl. She is mellow, calm, and even tempered. Isn't bothered by much and goes with the flow. Often times she is just watching the room and sometimes it even feels like she may be judging you just a little bit! She is next to impossible to keep out of the water, and if there is something to chase that looks like a critter (bunny, squirrel, etc), count her in. Inside of the house she prefers to spend time up on the cool fireplace or with her head rested on a pillow on the couch...and yes, specifically with her head rested on a pillow. She often follows me (Olivia) around and is very sweet and gentle with the kids. Looks wise, she has just about the best coat I have ever seen on a chocolate, and she has beautiful conformation. Flick may still be growing, but she truly looks like what a Labrador is supposed to be. We are so blessed to have her!

Flick resides at our home and is co owned with her breeder Elizabeth Moir of SciFi Labradors.

Flick: About


AKC Registration: SS34959902
Weight: 70lbs
DOB: 05/11/2022
Color: EEbbDD
Dilute: Clear
Long Coat:
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Eyes (CAER): Normal (May 2024)

EIC: Clear

CNM: Clear

PRA: Clear

DM: Clear

HNPK: Clear

MCD: Clear

Stargardt: Clear

Cystinuria: Clear

Copper Toxicosis Type A: Negative

Copper Toxicosis Type B: Clear

Title Accomplishments: CH pointed (1 point)

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