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A labor of love


Prior to conception taking place, your puppy was planned for. We spend hours researching the lineage of each sire and dam, ensuring that we only breed the best dogs possible. We dig deep in to the health, temperament, accomplishments, and so much more of each dog in the pedigree of the potential puppies. Each momma dog is also given high quality puppy food and nutrient rich supplements. Our momma dogs live inside throughout their entire pregnancy and are never outside in our yards unattended during the day/night. We make sure each momma dog receives daily exercise and any/all veterinary care needed.



When each momma dog whelps her puppies, she is in our personal bedroom. Our mommas never whelp alone and/or outside. Newborn puppies are kept in our room to ensure proper supervision and the comfort of momma. Whelping is a personal thing for each momma dog, and we do not leave them unattended. During whelping, I will record the time of birth, birth order, weight, and position of each puppy, and identify him/her with their own collar. This helps us keep track of each puppy and make sure everyone is gaining weight properly.



After the puppies arrive, they will remain in our room for about two to three weeks. We then move them to the main part of our house. During their time with us, their area is cleaned multiple times a day, and they are bathed as needed. We are very thorough as far a cleanliness goes, especially since these puppies live indoors! From day one, the puppies are raised using different techniques such as the Puppy Culture program, the Rule of Sevens, and some of our own training techniques to introduce gunfire, water (weather permitting), birds, and retrieving. All puppies are socialized with our other dogs and young children, and are temperament tested prior to go home using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. If you are not familiar with these, click below to learn more:

Puppy Culture

Rule of Sevens

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test

To follow the journey of each litter, please follow/like our facebook page! This is where updates are posted.

How our puppies are raised: Services
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