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How to add a Cactus Rose Labrador to your family


We do not take deposits, but instead keep a waiting list. This list is separated in to color/gender preferences. It is $100 to get on our waiting list, and it is completely refundable at any time. (Note: please allow up to two weeks for any refunds). If you have any preferred litters you are interested in, this will be noted as well next to your name on our list, and I will do my best to accommodate these preferences. To be added to the list, you first must submit an application and be approved. No one will be allowed to reserve their spot on our list without us receiving and approving their application first.

Once a litter is born that we think may have a puppy that is a good match for you, we will contact you. This is not us promising you a puppy, only letting you know we MAY have one for you. 

Once the puppies have reached six weeks of age, we will contact you if we believe a puppy in the litter will be a good fit for your family. At this time, if you are interested, we will schedule a time for you to come meet the puppies. If we do not believe one of the puppies will be a good fit, we will keep you on our wait list and go through the same process with you when we have another litter coming up. We do ask that you understand that while we try to honor the order each family was added to the wait list and offer a puppy to the families at the top of the list first, it doesn't always work out that way. We reserve the right to contact someone further down the list than you if we have a puppy that will be a match for them. Please remember, if at any time you do not wish to wait any longer for us to have a puppy we believe will be the best fit for you, you may request a refund and find another breeder. Good things come to those who wait, but we aren't going to force you to wait! It is more important to us that our puppies end up in the right home instead of placing them with the first home readily available.

When scheduling meetings, we will have a day set aside for the puppies to be viewed. It will always be a Saturday or Sunday, and will be as close to eight weeks of age as possible. The meetings will be in 30 minute time intervals, that way each family has the time to visit with us, the puppies, and our dogs one on one. Please make sure you plan to have this day blocked off when we let you know the puppies are born! We are only able to dedicate one day to meetings, and you need to plan accordingly so that you are able to attend. During these meetings we will let each family meet any puppy/puppies that may be a potential match and answer any questions the family may have. Within 24-48 hours after the puppy social, we will follow up with each family and let them know if we have matched a puppy with them. If we have, and the family wishes to move forward with the puppy, we will then send the family a copy of our contract to complete. We will also send the family an invoice to be paid in full. We will require all puppies be paid in full in order to be reserved (no exceptions). Once your puppy has been paid in full, we will then have you complete an online form that will give us the information needed to complete your puppy's AKC and microchip registration. If you wish to avoid paying card fees, you may give us a check at your visit. If we do not match a puppy with you, then we will tear up your check. 

Puppies are either picked up at eight or nine weeks of age. If at nine weeks, it will always be the weekend following puppy meetings. We will schedule pickups in 30 minute time intervals and go over paperwork with the new puppy family, as well as answer any questions they may have. The pickup age varies from litter to litter and sometimes can even vary from puppy to puppy. It is all dependent on our picking process for what we are keeping from the litter. We often have show handlers, service dog organizations, and our detection dog trainers we work with coming out to evaluate the puppies, so pickup age may vary depending on those processes. There may even be instances where pickup at your meeting is available if the pup you matched with isn't being evaluated for any of these purposes. We will always be in contact when the the time comes.

After each puppy goes home, you have 48 hours to have a vet check performed by your veterinarian. Any abnormal findings will need to be reported to the breeder. 

Payment: We will only accept the following payment methods: Walmart to Walmart transfer, invoice payment (can be completed with a debit or credit card), ApplePay, or cash. We will SOMETIMES take Zelle as well. No exceptions will be made at any time for any reason.


If you are out of state and having a puppy transported to you, we will offer meetings via Facetime since you can't be here in person. If you are not available to Facetime, we will also provide pictures and videos. We always do our best to accommodate families that are out of state and still make sure you are getting a puppy that is a wonderful match for you!

Below are the shipping options we offer:

Cargo: Your puppy will fly in a crate to your airport of choice. We will work with you to schedule a flight that works for us both, and we will handle all of the leg work as far as paperwork and booking goes. Once we have set up a flight, we will have you call the booking agency directly to leave them your card information to pay them for the flight directly. We have sent many puppies via this method and it works wonderfully. This is usually the most cost effective option, and you do get to keep the crate the puppy comes in! Please do note that cargo options are temperature sensitive, so this isn't always an option when temperatures are extremely hot or cold at one or both of the take off and landing destinations.

Flight Nanny: Your puppy will fly in the cabin of a plane as carry on. We have close relatives that flight nanny our puppies for our buyers that charge a very affordable fee for their time. One of our fight nannies will deliver the puppy directly to you at the airport, ensuring the puppy has never been out of our sight until they reach you. With this option, the cost varies depending on the current flight prices at the time of booking. We will always shop for the best prices and run them by you before hand. At the time of booking, the family will need to send payment for the agreed upon flight or we will not book the flight. A delay in sending payment for the flight may result in fluctuating rates by the airlines. Because of this, we recommend families are prompt to pay for their flights to secure desired rates. 

Airport Meeting: The third option is you flying in to the DFW airport to pick up your puppy. You will take him/her back with you via carry on instead of using one of our flight nannies. You will be responsible for booking your own flight and communicating with us to make sure the flight works for our schedule as well. 

At this time we do not send our puppies via ground transport unless alternate arrangements have been made. 

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