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Sylvia (Zaldivar)

We have made the tough decision to consider parting with Sylvie. A Little about her below:

Sylvie is a girl with a personality larger than life. She is so full of drive that it can even be a bit much at times. While she is a wonderful girl, she is high energy and would do best with a family prepared to handle that energy. She will retrieve until she falls over if you'd let her, and she already picks up birds. She is going to need a home that can give her a job and the training needed to stimulate her mentally and physically. She ALWAYS wants to have something in her mouth! She is used to being a house dog and is potty and crate trained. She's great with other dogs, our cat, and our children. However, again, her energy level may be too much for some. So she will need a house hold that can handle this. 

Physically she is a big girl, and is still growing. She is the lightest shade of cream there is for a yellow Labrador and has a beautiful conformation. Sylvie can go as a show prospect and does know how to free stack and will willingly do so. She is very food motivated! She has a thick, plush coat and is always happy to perk up for a photo. She has had her prelim hips and elbows completed, and her eyes were recently cleared as well. She has a wonderful pedigree PACKED full of accomplished dogs. She is an import from Mexico, so that is where her lines are mainly from. 

The reason we have opted to place her is her energy level. While we do breed for dual purpose Labradors, we look for an on/off switch, and Sylvie is mostly "on". We feel that this doesn't line up with what we are wanting for our next generation and what our puppy families personally look for. There is nothing wrong with her, and she will likely suit another breeder's needs perfectly! She has potential to be both a finished and a hunt titled dog one day, so if that is a goal of yours, she would be right up your ally! Please contact us if she sounds like a good fit for you.

I have uploaded her pedigree, health testing results, and a stacked photo below. Please note that she was out of coat when pictured. I have plenty of photos I can share from when she is in coat for reference. She doesn't always look that naked and has a wonderful coat, I promise!

Sylvie: About


AKC DNA: pending
AKC Registration: pending
Weight: 70lbs
DOB: 02/23/2022
Color: eeBBDD
CHIC #: pending
EIC: pending, possible carrier
CNM: pending
PRA: Clear by parentage
HNPK: Clear by parentage
Dilute: Clear by parentage
MCD: pending
Stargardt: pending

Sylvie's Paperwork

OFA Hips (Prelim): Good
OFA Elbows (Prelim): Normal
OFA Eyes (CAER): Normal (August 2023)
OFA Cardiac (Echo): pending
OFA Shoulder OCD: pending
OFA Patellar: pending
Title Accomplishments: None at this time

Sylvie's Embark Profile
Sylvie: Services
Sylvie: Pro Gallery
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