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Sylvia (Zaldivar)

Sylvie is a girl with a personality larger than life. She is so full of drive and promise. She will retrieve until she falls over if you'd let her, and she already picks up birds. She ALWAYS wants to have something in her mouth! She's great with other dogs, our cat, and our children. Physically she is a big girl. She is the lightest shade of cream there is for a yellow Labrador and has beautiful conformation. She is very food motivated! She has a thick, plush coat and is always happy to perk up for a photo.

Sylvie: About


AKC Registration: currently processing

Weight: 80lbs

DOB: 02/23/2022

Color: eeBBDD

Dilute: Clear by parentage

Long Coat: pending results

OFA Hips: Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Eyes (CAER): Normal (Aug 2023)

EIC: pending results, possible carrier​

CNM: Clear by parentage

PRA: Clear by parentage

DM: pending results

HNPK: Clear by parentage

MCD: pending results

Stargardt: pending results

Cystinuria: pending results

Copper Toxicosis Type A: pending results

Copper Toxicosis Type B: pending results 

Title Accomplishments: None at this time

Sylvie: Services
Sylvie: Pro Gallery
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